Getting Rid of Mice

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Getting Rid of Mice

23 October, 2015


First of all, mice are a little dumb, but that fact won’t help much when you have tried everything and are still having trouble getting rid of mice in your home.  What they lack in cleverness, they make up for in tenacity and hunger.

mouse in trap

A Few Things You Need To Know About Mice 

  1. Mice can fit through amazingly small holes. Actually 1/4 inch is all they need to wiggle through openings. If you can insert a pencil they can get through.
  2. Mice leave about 50 droppings and hundreds of urine droplets per day, everywhere they travel.  They are high octane machines of digestion.
  3. Mice usually eat within a 10 foot distance from where they nest–including up and down.
  4. Mice prefer to be in contact with something when they travel, so they usually move along walls.
  5. Mice spread lots of dangerous diseases! Having even one mouse in your home can put your family at risk of illness.

Mouse Inspection

Top Places To Look For Mice

  1. Under kitchen sinks.
  2. Under range ovens.
  3. Behind refrigerators.
  4. Near pet dishes.
  5. Under homes, especially where a garage furnace goes through the wall to the crawl space.

Helpful Hints for Getting Rid of Mice

Most homeowner mouse trapping efforts result in occasional catches, but seldom completely eliminate mouse problems.

Successful mouse trapping that eliminates a mouse infestation begins with a detailed inspection under your home, throughout the home, inside the attic and around the exterior of your home. As you inspect your home look for droppings, brown grease rub marks and evidence of gnawing. Don’t forget to look behind and under stored items. Seldom opened cardboard boxes and cabinet drawers are especially attractive to nesting mice. Corners, shadows and warm spots are other locations attractive to mice. A strong black light in a dark room can be an especially helpful tool for locating travel paths of infesting mice.

Getting rid of mice involves traps

Getting Rid of Mice Involves Many, Many Traps

Once you know exactly where mice are traveling, it’s time to bring out the arsenal.  Getting rid of mice has many steps, but trapping is one of the big ones.  Since mice don’t usually travel long distances, careful trap placement is essential to intercept current travel paths. Fast control comes from placing lots of control devices in active travel paths.

Some of the control devices we use include

  1. Snap Traps
  2. Glue Boards
  3. Multi catch Traps–the kind with a revolving door for repeated captures.
  4. Baits–placed only in tamper resistant boxes to prevent accidents involving children, pets or non target animals.
  5. Tracking Powders–only available to licensed professionals.

The number one mistake homeowners make is under-trapping. So, GO CRAZY WITH THE TRAPS!

Final Thoughts On Trapping Mice

For the cost of buying all those traps, spending $500 at the vet when your dog eats some rodent bait and the distress this whole experience is going to cause your home, we think you’ll find our experienced professionals quickly eliminating your mouse infestation to be worth every cent. Actually, only one chewed plumbing or electrical line and you will be money ahead not doing this project on your own–unless you just really enjoy spending time crawling through itchy insulation under your home!

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