Ants 101: How to Get Rid of Ants


Ants 101: How to Get Rid of Ants

11 April, 2015


So only a few days ago, you noticed a few ants on your kitchen counter. Quickly you swept them away with a towel and thought no more of it. But now! Where are they all coming from? Nothing is safe in your kitchen. Leave a crumb on the counter and almost immediately the counter comes alive swarming with the little black devils. Before long you are going to have to start throwing away cereal, snacks and other ant infested foods. How can you get rid of an ant or carpenter ant infestation FAST?  Let’s talk about how to get rid of ants.

How to get rid of ants

The truth about Raid and other pest sprays from department stores? 

Here is why department store ant killers are a bad idea:  A close look at the label will show that most products labeled as “ant killers” are pyrethroid based with active ingredients such as cypermethrin and deltamethrin.  If you’RE looking for how to get rid of ants, there’s something you should know about these products:  They’re usually pyrethroid based.  Pyrethroid based products often fail to eliminate ants and can actually make the problem worse.  First, pyrethroids kill ants quickly–a few of them anyway. The product never has time to travel back to the queen and colony.  Consequently, a few worker ants are killed but these are quickly replaced by a productive queen hidden away from the treated area.  Second, pyrethroid products are repellents, and push many insects away. This actually encourages ants to move or divide the colony resulting in ants “popping up” in new rooms or previously uninfested areas, or worse, to break apart and form satellite colonies, causing you twice the headache.

So, while department store ant killers look effective as ants curl up and die on the spot, they often spread the ranks out and can make an infestation worse.  This is not how to get rid of ants, this is how to aggravate and spread them out.

Ants infestation

How to Get Rid of Ants?  Here’s Our Professional Solution

We have an upper hand on ants because as trained, licensed, professional applicators, we are allowed to use products unavailable to homeowners for ant control. Our commercial products are both nonrepellant and nonpyrethroid based tools. Like a time bomb, their fuse is set at a couple days allowing ants time to carry the products home to the queen before they go off eliminating the entire colony.

When we treat for carpenter ants, “piss ants”, odorous house ants, or any other type, by using a completely different class of products (unavailable to homeowners).  Because of this, we can confidently guarantee ant elimination with expert-level speed.

Learn more about how to get rid of ants the professional way:  Our permanent ant elimination service works wonders.

Our Guarantee

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No kidding, our system works. So well in fact that we guarantee it 100 percent. No questions asked. Try out our no contract service and  see for yourself why Bug Zapper Pest Control rates TOP in customer satisfaction reviews

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