How To Get Rid Of Moles & Gophers

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How To Get Rid Of Moles & Gophers

11 May, 2015


Nothing is more frustrating than having your lawn and garden perfect, after much effort, only to have a mole or gopher move in and destroy all your hard work. If you’re experiencing this frustration you have probably tried every home remedy possible. Perhaps some of our favorite less effective include chewing gum, auto exhaust and even shotgun shells. Let me guess you are smiling but deep down you don’t even think Caddy Shack is funny any more.  Moles and gophers are a pain.  Are you wondering how to get rid of moles or gophers?  Let us introduce you to your new neighbors:

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 What’s The Difference Between Moles and Gophers


Gophers eat plant matter and unearthing their tunnels often reveals a cache of roots stripped from nearby plants. They often have a density of 30+ per acre and live in short linear tunnels often only 15 feet long. The main tunnel is easily detected due to a series of mounds in an approximate line. Frequently gophers are found on hillsides with dry rocky soil. Gopher mounds are easily identified by their horseshoe shape containing a round plug about three inches in diameter near the center of the mound.


Moles seem to be the most evasive of home remedy controls. These little devils can each make hundreds of mounds per year and often only 6 are found per acre. They eat worms and traverse extensive tunnel systems containing deep (10-12″) and shallow (4″) tunnels. Their mounds look like little volcanoes and have an uncanny ability to tunnel along any hard landscaping surfaces like sidewalks or lawn edging.

Pocket Gopher Mound Mole mound - how to get rid of moles

Gopher Mounds                                                        Mole Mounds

How to Get Rid of Moles or Gophers?  Here’s Our Solution

Our trained technicians trap moles and gophers for city parks, commercial sites and homeowners. Our success rate is 100% and often we achieve complete eradication overnight or within only a few days. Every mole and gopher service we provide is 100% Guaranteed for three full months.

The first step to winning the war on moles and gophers is contacting us for a free estimate. We know how to get rid of moles and gophers promptly and expertly.  Cleanout trapping service starts at $295 and is based on yard size and infestation density.

Our Guarantee

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No kidding, our system works. So well in fact that we guarantee it 100 percent. No questions asked. Try out our no contract service and  see for yourself why Bug Zapper Pest Control rates TOP in customer satisfaction reviews

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