Spider Control in Eugene – Guaranteed Elimination


Spider Control in Eugene – Guaranteed Elimination

15 October, 2015


Spider control is one of our most-used services, and we’ve got it down to a science.  If you have an eight-legged problem on your hands, we’ve got a multi-tiered solution to rid you of it.  Spider control in Eugene is its own animal, and requires a region-specific treatment system.  Some people believe that spiders are overly difficult to control, owing to a few myths about arachnids.  Let’s get one of those out of the way right at the start:


Spiders can’t be eliminated effectively because they don’t clean their feet like other insects.


Completely false.  The feet-cleaning notion is a somewhat popular myth, with the idea being that they wouldn’t ingest a pesticide because they don’t bring their feet to their mouths, but in fact, when using the absolute best commercial pest control products money can buy,  spiders are one of the quickest and easiest pests for us to eliminate.  Arachnicides are called that for a reason.  When we treat for spiders, they go down fast and they stay gone for a very long time.

Spider Control is Our Business - Spider Control in Eugene
Lactrodectus Mactans – Black Widow Spider

Spider Control in Eugene:  How We Take Out Arachnids

Effective spider elimination starts with a detailed interior treatment where an odorless, invisible bug-killing barrier is installed along baseboards, under sinks, in dark corners and around windows. We use only restaurant grade products within homes to protect the safety of pets, small children and the whole family.

Web Removal is an integral part of our spider control system

Next up in our spider control system is the exterior.   The outside of all structures are carefully swept to remove spider webs around light fixtures, under eaves and anywhere else webbing may have become attached. This gives you a clean home and gives us an idea of where spiders are most likely to return to your structure.  Removal of webs is part of every future service we provide for you and ensures the exterior of your home always looks its very best.

One of our core values is Attention to Detail and we take pride in maintaining the exterior of every structure we treat perfectly web free–back and front! 

Once all exterior spider webs are removed, a detailed treatment is applied to create a spider-free zone ten feet out from your home. This treatment includes spider killer and spider repellent products specifically formulated to be effective under bushes, around foundations and under eaves. Within minutes spiders, earwigs, wasps, roaches and other insect pests begin dying.  Spider Control in Eugene is our specialty.

New Spider Control Technology

dead spiderIn the past monthly pest treatment was required to repel spiders. New technological advances in commercial pest control products have led to longer lasting products. Once treated, Lane County homes remain spider free zones for two full months. We have found that in Eugene bimonthly (every other month) treatment is the ideal treatment frequency to ensure exceptional spider control around homes.

No Kidding. Our spider extermination system really works. Proven fast results for homes throughout Lane County.

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